Karen Olson, Ph.D.
(516) 883 3030
Remove any blocks to your success,
allow yourself to blossom …
live your dreams.

     “Karen Olson has done Theta Healing on me numerous times and each time she has driven directly to the core of the issue – quickly and with great compassion. Most recently, Karen helped me through the grief and confusion of a miscarriage. She was able to pinpoint and change deep-seated beliefs that were causing me to feel guilt, resentment and pain. I have felt both emotional and physical transformations from Karen’s work and I highly recommend her as a practitioner to anyone who wants and needs to transform their life.”

Actress, writer and mother

     “I had a terrible bout with arthritis. A bone spur was pressing on a nerve in my back. It crippled me with severe pain and I was barely able to walk. The ER doctor gave me a shot which did nothing to help me. When I had a healing session with Karen, the results were instantaneous and miraculous. The pain left and I was able to walk without a cane. God truly works through Karen, she is a gifted healer.”

Kathleen McFeely,
Certified Infant Massage Instructor
and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

    “Karen is a very amazing and powerful teacher, healer, musician and aligned being. She is a physical help in sharing her knowledge and tools for wellness. The peace within her heals people around her. Karen's compassion and alignment heals everyone she meets.”

Sheryl Blumenthal,
Global Healing Foundation, Board of Directors

    “Karen’s music touches my soul. Waves of love and emotion flow outwards, enveloping all who hear her play. Her music speaks directly to the heart, opening and releasing emotions, filling your heart with love. Her music invokes a deep soul awakening, joy, purity, and healing for all to experience. Soar with her as she plays .... Thank you Karen for bringing your gifts to the world!”

Theresa Popiolek,

    “Karen’s music is ethereal and expressive beyond words. Emanating from deep within her soul, unique heartfelt interpretations and exquisitely refined musicianship synergize and offer an unparalleled, unforgettable, incredibly moving musical experience.”

Barry Bittman, MD
– CEO Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute