Karen Olson, Ph.D.
(516) 883 3030
Remove any blocks to your success,
allow yourself to blossom …
live your dreams.

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Basic DNA I and II

  • SCAN the body for illness and emotional blocks
  • SEE, CLEAR and REPLACE deep limiting subconscious beliefs
  • MAINIFEST and CREATE success in every area of your life
  • TEACH your heart and body to feel younger and whole
  • CONNECT with your spiritual guides and angels
  • MEDITATE into a theta brain wave state instantly and access intuitive abilities

Advanced DNA

  • Access “Downloads” directly from Creator that will instantly work through your deepest blocks with ease.
  • Receive hundreds and hundreds of Downloads that will instantly work through your deepest blocks with ease and profoundly improve every aspect of your life
  • Advanced tips, tricks, and techniques for improving your reading and alternative healing ability.
  • Receive further openings of your psychic centers.
  • Get to the core of and transform fear, resentment, regrets, grudges, and addictions.
  • Contact and communicate with your genetic ancestors and your higher self.
  • Receive profound healings for your Soul and Heart directly from Creator.
    Clear free floating memories (engram banks)
  • Advanced understanding of the Seven Planes of existence and how to use them in healing and manifestation.
  • Talk to the Higher Self
  • Learn advanced manifestation techniques.

Rainbow Children workshops for Children of all ages.

  • Tap into your Intuitive Abilities
  • Bring your inner child back into the world
  • Exercises include:
    Theta Readings.
    Theta Healings™.
    Reading an object.
    Guided Meditation.
    The Creation of Feelings / Downloads.
    See and Change Auras.
    Reading Cards.
    Reading Plants.
    Healing Animals.
    Drumming and Power Animals.
    Crystal Layouts.
    Telekinesis, Moving Objects.
    Send Love to Yourself.
    Heal the Broken Soul.
    - And more.